Artiom Shishkov, violin | Dima Tsypkin, cello | Sergey Smirnov, piano




Friday, March 25th 19.30h Borgerhout, BE, Academie Borgerhout - Rode Zaal INFO

Saturday, March 26th 19.30h Paris, FR, Eglise Réformée De Paris-Luxembourg INFO

Sunday, March 27th 15.00h Antwerp, BE, Bourla - De Foyer INFO

Monday, March 28th 15.00h Santpoort-Noord, NL,’t Mosterdzaadje INFO

Thursday, March 31st 19.30h Niestetal (Kassel), DE, Saal Ev. Gemeindehaus INFO

Friday, April 1st 19.00h Hanover, DE, Bleekhaus 

Saturday, April 2nd 20.15h Antwerp, BE, Opus 4 INFO

Sunday, April 3rd 18.00h The Hague, NL, Haagse Kunstkring, INFO

Thursday, April 28th 19.00h Minsk, BY, Philharmonic Great Hall INFO




Sunday, February 12th 15.30h Castricum, NL INFO

Friday, May 19th 20.00h Gouda, NL, Sint Jan INFO

Saturday, May 20th 20.15h Rotterdam, NL, Fenix Music Factory INFO

Friday, May 26th 2017 19.00h Dalian, CN, Development Grand Theatre

Saturday, May 27th 2017 19.30h Jinan, CN, Grand Theatre

Sunday, May 28th 2017 19.30h Yantai, CN, Jiaodong Theatre

Wednesday, May 31st 2017 19.30h Dongying, CN, Xuelian Theatre

Friday, June 2nd 2017 19.30h Tianjin, CN, Nankai University

Saturday, August 5th 2017 20.30 Minsk, BY, "By the Ratusha with Velcom", open air concert


Nouvelle Philharmonie | Music inside records



Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840 – 1893)


Les Saisons (The Seasons), Op. 37b (Arranged by Alexander Goedicke for piano trio)

  1. January: At the Fireside
  2. February: Carnival
  3. March: Song of the Lark
  4. April: Snowdrop
  5. May: Starlit Nights
  6. June: Barcarolle
  7. July: Song of the Reaper
  8. August: Harvest
  9. September: The Hunt
  10. October: Autumn Song
  11. November: Troika
  12. December: Christmas


Pavel Karmanov (b.1970)

Birthday present for myself (1993) 


Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla (1921 – 1992)

The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas) (1965 – 1970)

(Arranged by José Bragato, b.1915 for piano trio)

1.  «Primavera Porteño» (spring)

2.  «Verano Porteño» (summer)

3.  «Otoño Porteño» (autumn)

4.  «Invierno Porteño» (winter)