Nouvelle Philharmonie

Nouvelle Philharmonie, founded in early 2013, is a classic musical project offering an exciting new dimension of chamber music experience. It is defined by the concept of “cross-genre”, combining the world’s classics with contemporary minimalistic works, as well as pop and rock music.

The creators of the project (Dima Tsypkin – cello and Sergey Smirnov – piano), are two professional musicians who compose their music events without regard for stereotypes or bias as are prevalent in classical music while seeking to enrich each concert program by inviting young, talented and charismatic performers.

Since February, 2013, nearly 30 performances took place in France and the Netherlands. In September 2015, after two seasons of concerting, MicroFest brought together seven musicians for two days at a concert session in Paris. 

Parts of the collective DNA in creating a unique musical atmosphere are the acoustics, lighting, and space utilized in each performance. Most important, however, is the public itself – lovers of quality performance who collectively engender emotional content through valuing innovative approaches to artistic expression.
Nouvelle Philharmonie – whose artists are the number one choice to play selected compositions for premiers and recordings – actively collaborate with contemporary composers such as Eric Voegelin, Tristan Mace and Andrea Ferrante. Further, thanks to Nouvelle Philharmonie concerts, Dutch and French audiences eagerly discovered the works of contemporary Russian composer Pavel Karmanov.

In 2015, Nouvelle Philharmonie’s Tsypkin and Smirnov were accompanied on the violin by Artiom Shishkov, recording their first album for the french Phonomatik Lab label. And again, their efforts founded on the concept of “cross-genre”.

The inspiration for this project comes from the trio’s shared approach to their musical philosophy. Having graduated from the Academy of Music of Belarus, Tsypkin, Smirnov, and Shishkov each draw upon a passion for music, while incorporating elements of spontaneity, a love for improvisation. Each of them has won several prestigious international music competitions and are graduates of the best European music schools.*(details below)

In June 2016 Artiom, Dima and Sergey were awarded the Belgian National Music Prize "Golden Label", founded by "Klassiek Centraal" magazine and awarded annually for achievements in the field of classical music and art.

*Post formations:
- Artiom, graduated from the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts in the class of Dora Schwarzberg (Austria)
- Dima, Paris Conservatory graduate Marc Coppey (France)
- Sergey, Naum Grubert student and graduate of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Netherlands).