Nouvelle Philharmonie

A new concert series will present several evenings of wonderful music in the intimate setting of Paleiskerk in The Hague and Eglise Réformée De Paris-Luxembourg in Paris. A group of young professional musicians will play for you masterpieces of chamber music from various ages.

Although intimate in their general character, works of chamber music nevertheless cover a whole spectrum of human sensibilities. Each piece, in its own particular way reflects a part of the human experience, but perhaps even more importantly, uncovers for us a sensibility that would otherwise stay hidden from our view without this particular expression.

Musical works might seem similar to artifacts in a museum, carefully preserved and preferably unchanging, however in their sounding actuality they are always changing. Music is brought to sound each time anew and never quite in the same way. What a piece of music means to us, what we think or feel is its import or meaning, is inevitably also subject to change. If we compare this to reading and speaking we could say that, how we understand what we read will change together with the circumstances of our being in the world, and what we think that the things mean, will consequently compel us to say them differently. Similarly, how we read the music today is very different to how the music was read and played in the past. This is a never-ending progression and a reflection of the richness of music and faculties of human understanding and expression. Nevertheless, being touched by an experience of listening to this music is as real a possibility now as it was at that time when it was first played and left as a written trace for future generations.   

We hope that you will come and enjoy this music with us!

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